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Equals peace of mind for your BMW

We understand that the care for your vehicle does not have a time limit. So when your New Car Warranty comes to an end, we offer a maintenance and care program beyond the manufacturer’s defined limits. Our shop continues the same exceptional certified service and maintenance you had while under the New Car Warranty. We utilize the same expertise, BMW genuine parts, and manufacturer’s recommended procedures to ensure the same service standard that you had from the beginning.

The BMW Nanaimo 6+ Service Program is a program specifically for automobile models six years or older. This program offers competitive discounts on labour, BMW genuine parts and continues your service program with the same BMW factory-train technicians who cared for your automobile from day one. All you need to do is contact us to see if your vehicle qualifies for this program and schedule your next service appointment.

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Three Good Reasons to service with BMW Nanaimo:


factory 20trained

BMW Factory-Trained Technicians

Beyond the required training that our technicians receive, our technicians get continuous factory updates and notices on best maintenance practices for your particular model. You can trust that the job will always follow strict manufacturer guidelines with no improvisation or guesswork.



All Factory Tools and Technologies

To follow and exceed strict manufacturer’s recommendations and tolerances, we utilize specialized factory tools and equipment to meet those specifications. Our diagnostic computers are state-of-the-art, rivalling those found in advanced testing facilities. Nothing will be left to chance, and our technicians are armed with timely information to give the best and accurate diagnosis for repair or replacement.


2 20years

2 years/unlimited kilometer BMW Warranty

As well as manufacturer’s warranty for BMW genuine parts, this program comes with a guarantee for two years and unlimited kilometres coverage on all BMW Genuine parts and services from BMW Nanaimo. You will have the assurance that we will stand by your side and offer you peace of mind with every visit. In addition, we will also help to maintain your genuine service history and provide prices lower than you might expect. A quality car deserves quality care. Now with competitive pricing you can afford to have your car serviced by experts!

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