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While you are on the open road you are the type of person who has the music blasting from the speakers, or maybe you enjoy the company of your fellow passengers. Then all of a sudden the weather changes and it starts to rain. You adjust your driving style with confidence knowing you have Approved BMW Wheels & Tires installed on your BMW. You can confidently continue to enjoy your favourite song, or continue laughing along with your passengers. Driving pleasure and safety -- for an all-round good feeling.

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Summer Tires

The ideal tire for the warm months of the year: summer tires represent the optimum balance of comfort, acoustics and rolling resistance. The special structure of their tread pattern has a rubber compound that does not become too soft even at very high temperatures. With larger tread blocks and less lamella structure, they reliably prevent aquaplaning and offer increased directional stability and steering precision even at high speeds. Not only does this make your ride safer, it also delivers superior comfort and handling even at high speeds. Good to know: when temperatures exceed 7°C, your tires should be changed to summer tires.

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Cold Weather Tires

Perfect for Canadian winter road conditions. Thanks to their special rubber mixture, winter tires are safer on the road at temperatures below 7°C. They are also equipped with additional rubber patterns that open when the vehicle is in motion. This creates grip edges that help ensure high traction and directional stability on snow, slush and mud. A further safety benefit is the shorter braking distance compared to summer tires, which is up to 10% less in wet conditions and up to 50% less in ice and snow.

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