BMW Nanaimo's automotive expertise is a product of our sustained interest in industry trends and characteristics. We are privileged to share the latest news, promotions and events with you and hope the information will enhance your shopping experience. As you know, there are many new cars from which to choose, and we believe an informed customer is the best customer.

The all-new BMW X4 | February 21st, 2018

The All-New 2018 BMW X4
Be one of the first to get a glimpse at the all-new BMW X4. The second generation places a far greater emphasis on sportiness and expressive design. Have a look at the extravagantly styled and dynamically stretched lines of the...

The All-New BMW M5 xDrive Guinness Drift Record | Janaury 22nd, 2018

The BMW M5
Watch the All-New BMW M5 with M xDrive refuel mid-drift to take TWO GUINNESS WORLD RECORD titles for the Longest Vehicle Drift in 8 Hours. Please join BMW in commending World Record Driver Johan Schwartz, Refuel Driver Matt Mullins, and Refueler Matt Butts, for a triumphant performance.

The first-ever BMW X2 | December 12th, 2017

The First-Ever BMW X2
Absolutely unique. Extremely exceptional. The first-ever BMW X2 makes its sporty ambitions quite clear at first sight. Thanks to its bold athleticism, it supplies a dynamic and agile performance that is unrivalled in this class. Coupled with a high-quality interior and many innovative technologies, it is the extroverted protagonist of a new era. Are you ready?

BMW Nanaimo's Annual Garage Sale | Saturday October 21st | 9am to 3pm


Join us Saturday October 21st at BMW Nanaimo for huge savings off all parts & accessories & one day pricing on ALL in-stock vehicles. Don't miss out on exclusive offers on cold weather wheel and tire packages as well as loose tires. Enjoy a complimentary BBQ, refreshments & prizes to be won.

Located at
BMW Nanaimo

2470 Kenworth Road, Nanaimo, BC

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2017 Vancouver Motor Gathering | Sunday August 27th | 11am to 2pm


GAIN, Vancouver Island's Premier Dealer Group is proud to present the annual Motor Gathering, a fun-filled family event showcasing an array of classic, unique, modern and custom cars and motorcycles for enthusiasts of all ages. All proceeds are in support of the David Foster Foundation and Cowichan District Hospital Foundation. 

Located at the
Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit
4063 Cowichan Valley Hwy,Cowichan, BC

To learn more or the register your vehicle please visit:

The BMW Concept Z4. Freedom on four wheels. | August 17, 2017

BMW Concept Z4
The BMW Group is using the Concours d'Elegance at Pebble Beach to present its exciting new take on a BMW roadster. Dynamic, progressive and an irresistible purveyor of thrills, the BMW Concept Z4 boasts lithe and compact proportions, a dynamic silhouette and an emotionally appealing use of forms. The attention-grabbing design study offers a look ahead to the series-production version of the car set to be unveiled over the course of next year

MINI Club Circuit Tour | May 24, 2017

MINI Club At The Circuit
On Wednesday, May 24th, the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit had the pleasure of hosting the  MINI Club.

They enjoyed the full Motorsport Circuit experience complete with a tour of the facilities, delicious lunch at our Paddock Lounge and accompanied by Isaac Nyack from MINI Victoria, the group completed their day with some motoring fun while they lapped the track. Thank you for joining us!

The All-New Countryman Goes Off The Beaten Path | March 8, 2017

The All New MINI Countryman In Action
We have had a very exciting week at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit. We completed our off-road course and hosted the 2017 MINI Countryman Product Presentation Launch for MINI Canada and MINI representatives from across the nation.

The new 2017 MINI Countryman is a vehicle with a sporty performance on the track and rugged athleticism on the off-road course. Check out our sneak preview of last weeks activities.

BMW Drive for The Future | May 2, 2017

BMW 5 Series Launch Drive Event
Our team and a group of BMW fans had the opportunity to test-drive the new 5 Series - including the M550i - yesterday at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit. This special one-day #DrivefortheFuture event provided our customers with an exclusive opportunity to experience the 7th generation of the 5 Series for a day of road and circuit test driving.

 The all-new BMW 5 Series has been constructed to outperform the competition at every turn... 

MINI Wins Auto Trophy 2016 | November 29, 2016

MINI Wins Auto Trophy 2016
New generation of the MINI impresses readers of the automobile magazine "Auto Zeitung" with driving fun, efficiency and individual style. 

The current MINI model generation is thrilling in day-to-day traffic, impressive on test drives - and repeatedly meets with broad-based approval in public surveys. In the readers' vote organized by automobile magazine "Auto Zeitung", MINI won the import ranking in the category "City Cars/Small Cars"...

Introducing The New MINI Countryman

The MINI Countryman
Stories are the source of every great conversation. The new MINI Countryman, as you will soon discover, is the ideal catalyst for experiencing all of life's greatest stories. 

With ruggedness for every road, space for every escape, and premium features to enhance every journey, this new Sports Activity Vehicle is designed to accommodate every one of your adventures. And with MINI's first ever plug-in hybrid electric vehicle as an option, you can enjoy a sustainable...

Villa Eyrie Resort. Grand Opening Specials | October 20, 2016

Villa Eyrie ResortOur partner hotel the Villa Eyrie Resort is celebrating it's Grand Opening with some exclusive offers. Escape into the clouds and heighten your taste buds with the Grand Opening Specials from the Summit Restaurant at the Villa Eyrie Resort. Located just 10 minutes from Goldstream Park and open at 7:30 AM daily, experience the best Eggs Bennies on the island for only $15 including coffee, tea or juice, Express Lunches for $15 or if you have a little more time for lunch, customize your own 3 course lunch for only $25 or dinner for $35!

BMW Films Presents The Escape | October 20, 2016

The Great EscapeLooking for an Adrenaline rush? BMW Films presents: The Escape. Starring Dakota Fanning, Clive Owen, Jon Bernthal and the all new BMW 5 Series Sedan.

Launched in 2001, BMW Films' "The Hire" was a series of eight groundbreaking online short films starring Clive Owen as an enigmatic driver for hire. Each film was a unique story, with David Fincher and Ridley and Tony Scott acting as executive producers.

Available only online and released four years before the invention of YouTube, the films were critically-acclaimed and fifteen years later still have a cult following.

BMW Nanaimo's Annual Fall Garage Sale | Saturday October 22nd | 9am to 3pm


Join us Saturday October 22nd at BMW Nanaimo for Huge savings off all Parts & Accessories & one day pricing on ALL in-stock vehicles. Don't miss out on extreme door crasher specials on cold weather wheel and tire packages as well as loose tires. Enjoy a complimentary BBQ, refreshments, some fun & games, a silent auction & Door Prizes To Be Won.

Located at the
BMW Nanaimo

2470 Kenworth Road, Nanaimo, BC

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Villa Eyrie Resort. Now Open | September 29, 2016

Villa Eyrie ResortThe GAIN Dealer Group is excited to present the return of an iconic destination. Formerly known as the Aerie Resort & Spa, the Villa Eyrie Resort was launched on September 28, 2016 with one goal in mind, to become one of the premium destination resorts in Canada and partner hotel to the GAIN Dealer Group.

With $2 million invested in its renovation, the new Villa Eyrie Resort honours the legacy of the original retreat and prepares it once again for a successful operation with modern designs and a level of unparalleled service within all parts of the property.  From West Coast contemporary rooms to our full service concierge, we're taking your Vancouver Island escape to new heights.

2016 Vancouver Motor Gathering | Sunday September 18th | 11am to 2pm


Join us for a fun-filled family event showcasing an array of classic, unique, modern and custom cars and motorcycles that will surely intrigue enthusiasts of all ages presented by GAIN Vancouver Islands Premier Dealer Group. All in support of the David Foster Foundation and Cowichan District Hospital Foundation.

Located at the
Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit

4063 Cowichan Valley Hwy,Cowichan, BC


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TEAM BMW. Powering Performance, one athlete at a time.

The MINI Vision

Efficient performance. Innovation. Powerful, graceful forms. These are just some of the traits BMW Canada shares with the Olympic movement. It is for these reasons that BMW Canada is proud to partner with the Canadian Olympic Team through 2016. In addition to being the official vehicle of The Canadian Olympic Team. BMW proudly supports Canadian atheletes such as Brooke Henderson, Derek Drouin, Mark de Jonge, Meaghan Benfeito, Roseline Filion and Ryan Cochrane...

Meet the team


The MINI Vision

Innovative thinking has always been embedded in MINI's DNA. Tomorrow's MINI taps into something even deeper. Tomorrow's MINI will bring together a unique, personalized experience with shared ownership.

Enter the MINI VISION NEXT 100. In a future where a single vehicle can be shared amongst many, this visionary concept incorporates technology that enables the car to always look and feel like your own.... 
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Drive For Team Canada

In support of our Canadian Olympic Team and their quest for gold in the Rio 2016 Summer Games, BMW Canada has officially launched their "Drive for Team Canada" series and we were thrilled to be the first stop in their cross Canada tour at The Vancouver Island Motosport Circuit. This exciting program combined the high performance brand with high performing Canadian Olympians... 

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100 Years...

The Next 100 Years

...of BMW isn't just an opportunity to celebrate the pioneering achievements of our past. But also to look forward into the exciting times ahead: with the BMW VISION NEXT 100. Discover our new vision vehicle for yourself now - in our Interactive Experience.
Follow the BMW VISION NEXT 100 on our Iconic Impulses, the BMW Group Future Experience... 

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BMW Nanaimo's 2nd Annual Fall Garage Sale

Join us October 17th 2015, Nanaimo.Whether you are looking for spare parts for your BMW, winter or summer tires, gifts, accessories, boutique items or menu service items, you will find them here.     Located at 2470 Kenworth Road, our Fall Garage Sale is one you won't want to miss! Join us for a series of exciting attractions, refreshments, a complimentary all-day BBQ and so much more!

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Vancouver Island Motor Sport Resort Track Update

Ladies and Gentleman, obviously you are aware that we are building a Motorsport Resort and if you have been keeping an eye on our website from time to time, you would have seen the various updates regarding the progress our construction team is making.  You may have also seen a few teaser articles in the press highlighting the many details that make our track unique in Canada and to some extent...

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Track Location Revealed

Located in the Cowichan Valley and taking its name from an Aboriginal word meaning "the warm land", the Vancouver Island Motorosport Resort is surrounded by vast tracts of unspoiled mountains, forest and coastal wilderness.

This particular area of Vancouver Island is filled with an abundance of towering old-growth forests, alluring beaches and meandering rivers. It is the land of fisherman, foragers...

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Track Update Tilke Construction

A look into Tilke and how they have established themselves as one of the leading authorities in circuit construction. Its projects include a lot of behind the - scenes work.

Every week numerous magazine features and articles are published about motorsport circuits - mainly Formula 1 circuits, of course, but also smaller tracks, private circuits and testing venues...

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Track Facts

Based on the many comments and questions we've received in the last few weeks regarding the physical track itself, it's obvious that this is the most important information people are excited to learn more about. Thus, in the upcoming weeks, we will be highlighting the various areas of the track to you in preparation for the final reveal. In the image on the right, you will see some of the details within one of our highly technical corner combinations...

For more information or updates regarding the track click on the link below.

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Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort April 8th 2015

Vancouver Island is wonderful place for many different people who appreciate the mild climate, the beautiful scenery and the diverse culture. With a countless number of great roads to drive on and the vast array of activities that can be taken advantage of all year around, it's home to many with amazing cars who appreciate both their beauty and their performance.

Compared to most other dealerships in the country, our eight facilities sell a large number of high performance vehicles due to the mild climates and the demographics on Vancouver Island...

or more information or updates regarding the track click on the link below.

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Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort

For the last several months, rumours have been circulating from all directions regarding a potential track opening on Vancouver Island. Well, it's time to start unwrapping a piece of "our little secret" and officially confirm the newest addition to our Dealer Group. In the coming months, we will update you on all track related news of what could be the most exciting announcement in our 50-year history.

To give you a glimpse into the technical side of things, just note that a BMW M3 in the hands of a race car driver will set a time of 92.48 seconds.

Have we got you excited? For more information or updates regarding the track, check back soon.

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Toronto Auto Show MINI Superleggera

Toronto, Ontario | February 12th, 2015

The Toronto Auto Show opened it's doors to automobile fans featuring some of the newest concept vehicles come to life including the 2015 MINI Superleggera Convertible fabricated in Italy.

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AJAC M235i Car Of The Year Award

Toronto, Ontario | December 2nd 2014.

The Canadian Car Of The Year award ratings are in and we are proud to announce that our M235i Coupe has received first place for Best New Sports / Performance Car Under ($50,000).

To learn more about the AJAC Canadian Car Of The Year Awards

AJAC Awards


BMW and MINI 5th Annual Fall Garage Sale

Join us October 4th 2014, Victoria.Whether you are looking for spare parts for your BMW or MINI, winter or summer tires, gifts,accessories, boutique items or menu service items, you will find them here.With our large indoor service area at 95 Esquimalt Road we are able to host our Garage Sale completely inside! Thus, covered for rain or shine, our Fall Garage Sale is one you won't want to miss. Join us for a series of exciting attractions, refreshments, a complimentary all-day BBQ and so much more!

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2014 Vancouver Island Motor Gathering

The concept for the Motor Gathering developed from a desire to raise money for those in need. Now The Vancouver Island Motor Gathering, presented by the German Auto Import Network [GAIN], has grown to feature hundreds of spectacular cars and motorcycles of all makes and models, as well as entertainment, food, and fun for the entire family...

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Vancouver Island Motor Gathering Sponsors Dinner

Thank you to all of our valued sponsors for all of their help and support for the 2014 Vancouver Island Motor Gathering.  We at the German Auto Import Network (GAIN) live and breathe cars and everything that has to do with owning an automobile that is more than mere transportation from A to B. All of us at GAIN look forward to the annual Motor Gathering each year ...

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Grand Opening Celebrations

15 August 2013 - Nanaimo, BC    

Last week we held our BMW Nanaimo grand opening and we were thrilled to present our brand new state-of-the-art building to BMW enthusiasts from all over Vancouver Island. Those in attendance were amongst excellent company, fabulous food and live entertainment. There really was no better way to celebrate the grand opening of our new location.

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BMW Nanaimo Grand Opening

 23 July 2013 - Nanaimo, BC

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new state-of-the-art BMW Nanaimo dealership on Kenworth Road. More than 11,000 sq. ft. designed by Plaston Architects and Dehoog Kierloof are waiting to dazzle even the most discriminating automotive enthusiast.     

Planning of the dealership began in 2010 after the German Auto Import Network purchased the BMW Dealership in Victoria BC. Chris Erb headed Superb Construction and the construction of the new BMW Dealership started in June of 2012. The quality of work and attention to every detail has been excellent throughout, and a true partnership was formed in building this state-of-the-art dealership.

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25 July 2013

Munich. At today's MINI Design@Home event Anders Warming, Head of MINI Design, previews a sampling of visionary design and innovative ideas. The MINI Vision, for example, showcases various elements of future MINI design. Here, MINI has developed a vehicle design laced with new creative impulses that advance the cause of premium quality in the compact class.

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15 June 2013

The new BMW 4 Series Coupé heralds the dawn of a new coupe era at BMW. Launched as the fourth generation of BMW's sporty mid-size Coupe, the new BMW 4 Series Coupé embodies the very essence of aesthetic appeal and dynamics in the premium segment. Its stylistic features carry the promise of a powerful presence on the road, stand-out dynamic ability and driving pleasure in abundance. Indeed, the new BMW 4 Series Coupé represents a paragon of balanced proportions and the final chapter in a story of development. The "4" in its title headlines this new era for the Coupe and emphasises not only its stand-alone design, but also an even greater technical differentiation from its BMW 3 Series cousins.

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11 July 2013

The BMW Concept Active Tourer Outdoor will take to the stage at the OutDoor Friedrichshafen fair, treating the premium compact segment to another view of how interior space can be cleverly utilised for sport and leisure purposes. This concept car presents solutions that take a fresh route to combining sporting aesthetics and style with sustainable drive technology, compact dimensions and functionality. The environmentally friendly plug-in hybrid drive system, bringing together a combustion engine and an electric motor to provide a very special form of power delivery, ensures efficiency of the highest order.

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