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BMW Forces of Nature Series: Kisik Clean Energy

Did you know 80% of total energy consumed by humans is derived from fossil fuels? The resulting, large quantity of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere contribute to climate change and drastically and negatively affect the world as we know it. Thankfully, renewable energy, such as wind, solar power and hydro, are slow becoming amongst the fastest growing energy sources. However, we all still have a very important role to play.

As BMW pursues their mission of being the world's most sustainable automotive manufacturer, they have set out to find and showcase similar sustainable endeavors globally through a new and exciting project. Introducing BMW's 'Forces of Nature', a series hosted by Canadian entrepreneur Michele Romanow. The feature offers an inside look into how six innovators are contributing to making the world a better place through sustainable technology.

Each episode showcases a separate trailblazer as they share their unique story and mission with the world. The first episode features Darrell Brown, a business man of Cree descent from Winnipeg. Brown is the President of Kisik Clean Energy, a company that works to bring conventionally sustainable and reliable electricity to remote Indigenous communities through energy microgrids and power transmission development. As they work to deliver clean power, they also help build community and empower the communities they work within.

"Our values lie in protecting the earth, our air and our water, which are all sacred," Brown says.

"It's really important to stop emitting carbon and start doing renewable energy and give the earth time to repair itself. I think man has a role to play in reducing the carbon that they have already put into the atmosphere, and maybe we will see that in our lifetime, I hope."

In a show of appreciation and support, BMW gifted Kisik Clean Energy $10,000 toward future projects.

For BMW creating electric vehicles is not enough. As they work toward their goal of sustainability, they are rethinking the way everything is made, from the assembly line to the vehicle itself. There is a clean energy future we are all building towards.

Click here to learn more about Kisik Clean Energy as well as BMW's mission towards a future of clean energy.

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