MINI History



Whichever way you look at it, this is one exciting car. The definition of fun on four wheels that's great to drive.

The Beginning:

The MINI story began in 1932 in Surrey, England, where a boy named John Cooper was born. John often spent time working at his father's garage and together they built one-off, single-seat, rally racers called "specials."

By the latter half of the 1950's, Leonard Lord, chairman of the British Motor Company, had become convinced of the need for a new kind of small car. In 1957, he commissioned engineer Alec Issigonis, the man behind the groundbreaking 1948 Morris Minor, to develop the Mini.

Alec Issigonis was once quoted as saying people don't actually know what they want. So it's my job to tell them. Never was this maxim more important then during the run-up period to the market launch of the Mini in August 1959.

A new dimension of roominess, a combination of ingenious design and clever engineering ensured that Mini and MINI alike have always possessed an uncanny ability to create space on the inside, while saving space on the outside.  

The rest you can say is history...


Good looks are usually hereditary, and this definitely holds true in the case of MINI. Based on the original design-to-space concept, MINI lives up to its reputation as the one-off small car that creates space on the inside and saves space on the outside.

Six airbags as standard, disc brakes all round, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS with CBC, EBD and Brake Assist) and Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) make the MINI one of the safest driving experiences you can have.

The wheels of the MINI are pushed out to each corner of the car, giving it a low centre of gravity and superb go-kart style handling. This is enhanced by the multilink rear suspension, a rare feature in a small car. It makes sure that the rear wheels of the MINI are always in full contact with the road, no matter how bumpy. Gripping stuff!